Intelligent Gestation

This is hilarious … Erik Lumberjack has crafted a wonderful bit of “Intelligent Design” satire … enjoy … Open Letter to Kansas School Board Thank you for teaching Intelligent Design alongside the Theory of Evolution. Our children deserve to hear multiple viewpoints. I’m concerned, though, that only one Theory of Pregnancy is currently being taught. … Read more

Phil Plait’s Bad Universe – Premieres Tonight

Tonight’s the night … Phil’s big day day has finally arrived, so go crank up your DVR’s and get ready for a Vulcan mind-meld of scientific skepticism. OK, for those who have no idea what I’m on about, here is some info … What’s happening? Phil Plate has a new TV show called “Phil Plait’s … Read more

Science – In the news this week

Here is this weeks collection of science news stories that triggered my “Hey, that’s cool” detector. If I’ve missed anything that is truly cool then , as always, drop a comment and I’ll do an update that includes a hat tip you. First up is a bit of fun from the 28th Aug 1845 edition … Read more

Which Blogs does PZ Myers read?

Currently (in my humble opinion) the mantle of “Science Blogger King” rests upon the shoulders of PZ Myers. His Pharyngula blog is well worth reading on a daily, in fact almost hourly, basis. Many others agree, and that’s reflected by the raw statistics, the number of comments has almost exceeded the 1 million count. One … Read more

Nobody wants to be a Priest

There is an interesting article in Friday’s Independent about the struggles that the Catholic church is having with the brainwashing recruitment of Priests. The number of priestly ordinations in Ireland has dipped below England and Wales for the first time in living memory, new figures reveal. The recruitment crisis is a clear indication of how … Read more