PZ’s hilariously funny breakdown of a believers email

We all get them, “fan” mail from true believers out to convert you, or just to have a go and vent a bit. Some of us politely engage and debate, others just ignore. However, the true master of the witty reply or takedown has just got to be PZ. On his blog he has published … Read morePZ’s hilariously funny breakdown of a believers email

Quick, brush your teeth

Interesting article in Science Daily today … apparently … Plaque-causing bacteria can jailbreak from the mouth into the bloodstream and increase your risk of heart attack, says a scientist at the Society for General Microbiology’s autumn meeting in Nottingham. Professor Howard Jenkinson, from the University of Bristol explains how oral bacteria can wreak havoc if … Read moreQuick, brush your teeth

Islam and Democracy – Incompatable?

The following news article has surfaced … The Taliban on Sunday announced plans to disrupt Afghanistan’s parliamentary elections, scheduled for September 18. A Taliban spokesman, Zabihullah Mujahid, told reporters that the balloting is just for the benefit of the foreigners who he says are occupying the country. And he urged the Afghan people to boycott … Read moreIslam and Democracy – Incompatable?