And Today’s Conspiracy theory regarding the Boston bombers is ….

2009-09-17-20092809Glen Beck is at it again … oh and least you not reside in the US and are wondering “who?”, well lets just say that he used to have a TV show on Fox News between 2009-2011 (does that tell you all you need to know about his credibility?) Anyway, I guess he is perhaps best known for his US national talk radio show, and is perhaps famous (or should that be infamous) for the various conspiracy theories that he promotes, for example “Crime Inc.” –  a clandestine conspiracy to take over and transform America and of course those involved include  include Al GoreFranklin Raines Maurice StrongGeorge Soros John Holdren and of course the right-wing anti-Christ President Barack Obama (You have my permission to roll your eyes now, but I suspect you have probably already done so).

His latest bit of lunacy is that near the end of a recent radio broadcast, he declared that the cover-up of the Saudi link to the Boston Marathon bombing makes this the second most important story (behind 9/11) that he has ever covered in his broadcasting career. He addressed those in the upper level of the government, warning that they had better come clean about this Saudi national because The Blaze has information that reveals that he “is a very bad, bad, bad man” which will be revealed on Monday.

And of course he put his “information” on the table? Er no, so this is simply an assertion that right now has no evidence at all, he is simply fear-mongering. Well, he has promised to to come clean and put this information out on Monday (don’t hold your breath … no really don’t).

Perhaps it is actually true because there is also another source claiming … “terrorism expert Steve Emerson revealed that according to his sources, the Saudi national who was once considered a ‘person of interest’ in the Boston marathon bombing is being deported on national security grounds next Tuesday.” … oh wait its not, that is also a Fox News source.

I might consider it credible if the source had been say … the Wall Street Journal, the BBC, or perhaps the Washington Post, the folks who actually fact check and don’t make up complete bullshit, but no, it is Fox News, and so I’ll let my past experience of their credibility kick in here and dismiss it.

It is of course possible for some Islamic lunatic who is Saudi to have been whispering in ears, but so far the evidence for that is exactly zero. Instead what we appear to have is a home grown pair of lunatics. In time we will no doubt find out more, but until more evidence comes to light all we have is xenophobic hot air designed to stir up ratings.

The reality of the world we live in is that most humans with or without belief, are decent and honourable humans who strive to do what is right, and Saudi’s are not some magical exception to that. In fact while almost all Saudi’s might indeed be culturally Muslim, 25% of them do not believe all the religious bullshit.

Oh and least you wonder, Glen Beck has no monopoly on crazy conspiracy theories regarding the Boston bombing, for example Palestinian-born Jordanian journalist As’ad Al-‘Azouni is now writing that the Jews and the “American right” were behind the recent Boston bombing, just as they had been behind the attacks of 9/11 … yep, just an extension of 9/11 … and time to once again roll my eyes.

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