What up in Wyoming?

Bill O’Reilly (of Fox News) is running a poll (No don’t panic, I’ve not gone over to the dark side of the force, so hang in with me here).

Its a poll all about Glenn Beck and asks if you will miss him on Fox News now that he is departing. Well lets think about this for say as much as 2 seconds, this is a guy who  promotes conspiracy theories and employs incendiary rhetoric for ratings on a news channel, so its a doddle to answer. The correct reply is – “NO”.

Now the fun part, thats the answer that Bill O’Reilly’s poll has come up with. Almost without exception, every single US state, except one, has voted ‘NO’.

So which state voted “We will miss him tremendously”? … Wyoming!! … it only leaves me wondering what the heck is in the water there?

Anyway, here are the current results …

Do you live in Wyoming? Then why not pop on over to the poll and help re-balance it a bit.


Interesting update … the poll has vanished. I don’t mean that the poll has been closed, but rather it has been completely obliterated. They keep an archive of previous polls, but this is not there, and has instead been quietly air-brushed out of existence.  I’m guessing Mr O’Reilly did not get the results he expected, so has done the usual right-wingnut trick of removing it and pretending that it never happened.

But then in many ways I’m not surprised, its such a good summary of what Fox news is all about. Filter out the stuff you don’t like, pretending it does not exist, and just keep what is left – a gross distortion of reality.

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