Jesus & Mo vs An aggressive militant Atheist

The latest Jesus & Mo is quite funny …



Now what makes this even funnier is that a few minutes after publication a story appeared in the Jesus & Mo’s Twitter feed – Banglalore’s Barwomen Ordered to Wear Decent Clothes.

Least you wonder who Jesus & Mo are … well as historian Tom Holland observed, they are indeed … “The Eric and Ernie of monotheism.” If you would like more, then do plug Jesus and Mo into your favourite RSS feed, you will not be disappointed.

So who is the author? …

Seriously, you want to know … a UK guy who dares to draw Mohammed, and you want to know who he (or for that matter she) is … nope not telling. Oh wait, its not Mo, but rather is his body double, and yes of course Pakistan has banned it anyway. So what better endorsement do you need, if it is on the Pakistan ban list, then you know it must be good.

So there you go then … Jesus & Mo … bringing you hilarious weekly blasphemy since 2005.


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