Daft Claim: “Pokémon GO cyber-demons to be used by Islamic jihadists”

TruNews host Rick Wiles
TruNews host Rick Wiles

Sometimes you come across stuff that is so utterly bizarre that it is actually in one sense quite entertaining comedy gold.

Today we throw a spotlight upon Rick Wiles, the host of the TruNews radio program, a Far-Right fundamentalist Christian radio show.  There he not only promotes conspiracy theories, but often strives with some success to out-crazy all the competition. “Weird” does not begin to describe it all, and so it should be no surprise to learn that he has earned himself a slot as a regular guest on both Jim Baker’s show, but also Right Wing Watch. His tirades are the usual hot buttons for such right wing xenophobia and includes gay people, muslims, and of course Obama. What perhaps is amusing is that he does not have a sufficient depth of self-knowledge to grasp that the one role he has truly mastered is that of the court jester.

Now least you wonder about any of this, and perhaps ponder the thought that I’m being a tad biased against somebody who holds a belief that I do not subscribe to, here are a few examples of the stance taken by Mr Wiles …

Ha … and you thought that Pat Robertson was the king of the kooks, but no, this guy is indeed striving to claim that crown.

Pokémon GO

The latest story here is that Mr Wiles noticed that some chap was apparently hanging around outside the TruNews Radio building taking pictures, so he called the cops. It turned out to be somebody playing Pokémon GO. This has now resulted in his rather addled brain going way off into la-la land. As recounted by Right Wing Watch …

Wiles, however, said that something sinister is afoot, warning that “these Pokémon creatures are like virtual, cyber-demons” and that “what this man, Friday, was trying to find was the Pokémon demon that had been placed inside the ‘Trunews’ office.”

“What if this technology is transferred to Islamic jihadists and Islamic jihadists have an app that shows them where Christians are located geographically?” he asked, noting that many of the app’s PokeStops and Gyms include churches and other houses of worship.

“The enemy, Satan, is targeting churches with virtual, digital, cyber-demons,” Wiles said, before adding: “I believe this thing is a magnet for demonic powers.”

Wiles went on to claim that “Pokémon masters” may soon start “telling people to kill people in those buildings” in order to catch more Pokémon

This is quite frankly so bizarre it is fracking hilarious.

He does however have a bit local competition. His co-host Edward Szall leaped in and started reading out fake quotes that were supposedly issued by the creator of Pokémon GO. Well hey, if you are going to make up byzantine bullshit, dishing out a few fake quotes to back it all up should not be a moral issue.

 This was all too good to span just one show, and while all of the above airs on his Wed show, he carried out with this line of thought a few days later on his Friday show where he once again was banging on about Pokémon GO being used for the elimination of Christians.
In one sense he is perhaps right that all of this will indeed all lead to the demise of Christianity. However, what he perhaps fails to grasp is that the agent for this demise of belief will not be some fictitious Islamic jihadist, but rather it will be he himself waking people up to just how utterly absurd his thinking is. The vast majority of humans have no desire to be associated with any of this lunacy and so he is actually making a rather good case that inspires many to stop believing such nonsense, and instead quietly down tools and walk away from it all.

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