Homeopath Arrested for Fake COVID-19 Immunisation

Homeopathic Arrested for Fake COVID-19 Immunization

The story here is that a homeopathic doctor in California called Juli Mazi has been arrested for selling a homeopathic COVID “cure” along with an associated fake vaccine card.

She basically claimed that her homeopathic “cure” contained a tiny sample of COVID-19. To create her “cure” this was then ultra diluted and sold as lifetime protection for COVID.

To start, let’s be totally clear about this. A homeopathic doctor is not a real doctor.

Some Background insights

Homeopathy is not medicine, it’s a scam. The belief is that ultra dilute substances of something that causes an illness will also cure it. For example if you have trouble sleeping, then the homeopathic “cure” is ultra diluted caffeine.

Ultra diluted?

Yes, very.

These cures are really really diluted. Add drop of caffeine to 100 drops of water. That’s supposedly a 1C remedy. Take one drop of that and add 100 drops of water, that’s 2C. Keep going until you get to 20C and you don’t even have a single trace of the original left, yet this supposedly works … except when actually tested with proper scientific controls, it does not.

What did Juli do?

The official Justice Department Press Release is jaw dropping stuff …

“This defendant allegedly defrauded and endangered the public by preying on fears and spreading misinformation about FDA-authorized vaccinations, while also peddling fake treatments that put people’s lives at risk. Even worse, the defendant allegedly created counterfeit COVID-19 vaccination cards and instructed her customers to falsely mark that they had received a vaccine, allowing them to circumvent efforts to contain the spread of the disease,”

When you sell people ultra dilute solutions that contains no active substances for something like a sleeping problem, then the authorities simply roll their eyes because they consider it harmless.

Sell a fake COVID remedy along with fraudulent vaccination cards, and that is very different. You have become a public danger. Lives are at risk, so doing nothing about this ceases to be an option for the Department of Health.

This story is getting a lot of attention, and even makes the NYT. The Press Release is there to send a very clear message to anybody else doing stuff like this.

How did she get caught?

Somebody, a relative of one of her patients, officially complained that family members had in effect been defrauded by this fake COVID cure and fake vaccination cards …

The complainant stated that the family members had told her/him that Mazi stated that the pellets contained the COVID-19 virus and would create an antibody response in the immune system. The complainant reported that her/his family did not receive injections of any of the three FDA-authorized COVID-19 vaccines. However, in connection with the delivery of the homeoprophylaxis immunization pellets, Mazi sent COVID-19 Vaccination Record cards, with Moderna listed, to the complainant family. Mazi allegedly instructed the complainant family to mark the cards to falsely state that they received the Moderna vaccine on the date that they ingested the COVID-19 homeoprophylaxis immunization pellets.

This was not her first fake cure.

Once the authorities were interested in her, they also discovered that she sold homeoprophylaxis immunisations for childhood illnesses. She had also falsely claimed that this would satisfy the immunisation requirements for California schools, and falsified immunisation cards that were submitted by parents to California schools.

One Last Quote

“This doctor violated the all-important trust the public extends to healthcare professionals — at a time when integrity is needed the most, Working closely with our law enforcement partners, our agency will continue to investigate such fraudsters who recklessly endanger the public’s health during the unprecedented COVID-19 crisis.”    

Special Agent in Charge Steven J. Ryan of the Department of Health and Human Services Office of Inspector General (HHS-OIG).

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