FREE Skeptical book on Amazon: “How do we know what is really true?”

SB-01-TitleYes, its a shameless book plug today – my own to be precise. I’ve published the first skeptical byte in what I hope will be a long series on the Amazon kindle store.

Since this is the first, I’ve started with a rather fundamental question, “How do we know what is really true?” Answering such a question matters because we live in a world where conflicting questions and claims abound. For example, is evolution true or not, is climate change really happening, are ghosts real, does homoeopathy work, are any religious claims valid, does prayer work, the list goes on and on and is endless. If faced with such a question then how can you arrive at the right answer? Unless you have a reliable way to answer such questions, then you have no way of knowing what is and is not actually true.

If knowing the things that are actually true matters to you, then this is the book for you, even if it is simply just a refresh of things you already know.

How Much?

For you right now it is FREE, so if interested, then best to grab a copy now.

The Joy of getting to grips with Amazon

Publishing on Amazon has been an interesting experience, and so as a result I’ve discovered a few things. Firstly, they do not permit me to give it away for free forever, so this is a limited time offer that expires after five days. That is of course to be expected, they are a business and want to sell so that they can get a cut.

So exactly how much do they get … (now this surprised me) … I get 35% and they get 65% … yikes.

In fact, it is a bit more complex. They have a two tier system which is as follows:

  • If I agree to sell between the price of $2.99 and $9.99 then I can get 70% … but I don’t want to sell for that price.
  • If I sell outside that range then I only get 35% … but only if the price is no lower than $0.99 and no higher than $200

I get it, they want to nudge me into the $2.99 and $9.99 band … but since my motivation here is educational and not financial (I have a day job), then I’ve gone for the lowest possible price I can do it for on Amazon … .99 cents (US) … which Amazon then translates into 77 pence (UK), and something like .86 cents for the Euro.

They also allow me to promote a book for free, but only for 5 days. So right now, you can grab it for FREE, and thus save yourself 77p. That can instead be invested in a bit of a cup of coffee to enjoy while reading it (I say a bit, because I’m not sure that .77p gets you a complete cup these days).

So anyway … enjoy.


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