#Elevatorgate and similar – Is It Cold in Here?

Many others are blogging or tweeting about an article by the science writer Jennifer Ouellette in Scientific American, and I also will do the same. Why? well because it is a truly fabulous take on the entire issue of sexism within a scientific context.

It is a clear rational piece, especially in the context of the now infamous #elevatorgate that provoked some rather extreme responses. It is oh so tempting to pull out some bits, or highlight parts, but I’ll not do so. Instead, just click the link here and go read it. Its excellent, you will not be disappointed, in fact you would be crazy to not read it, so just click the link.

1 thought on “#Elevatorgate and similar – Is It Cold in Here?”

  1. That blog used to have a link to mine, and on twitter, I told Jennifer Ouellette that I thought she had interpreted my blog incorrectly. In response, she accused me of making the article all about me, dismissed me out of hand, and then edited the article to remove the link. You’ll note that there is no indication of this post-publication edit in the blog, and I noted, with deepest irony, that only a few hours later, she tweeted a link about how to correctly cite blogs when posting.

    When someone displays such a lack of basic integrity, I’m afraid I can’t take seriously what they have to say about serious issues. Looking for proof – screenshots, etc. at my blog: http://www.zenbuffy.com/2011/07/integrity-starts-at-home/


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