Gifts: The $9999 Swiss Army knife

This is not a serious posting. Having consumed a glass (or two) of an amber nectar I’m simply having a bit of fun.

OK, so today is the day when we perhaps come to terms with some of the truly weird gifts that have been bestowed upon us with the best of intents. “Oh its gorgeous, I simply love and adore it” is the well-worn turn of phrase, and yet perhaps it really is gorgeous and you truly do adore it, even though it is two sizes too big and a delightfully stylish lime green. This is perhaps because it stands as a token of affection and so for that reason alone you cherish it even though it will sit in the bottom of the drawer forever after.

There are however some gifts that are truly special, not because they are practical, but because clearly somebody is taking the piss. What follows is perhaps the best example of this, and and least you wonder, nope, I did not actually get one of these, somebody simply pointed out the Amazon reviews to me.

The $9,999 Swiss Army Knife

This really does exist on Amazon and is the ultimate gift for those whose wealth far exceeds their common sense. Personally I don’t think anybody would actually buy this … ever, even if they did have the cash.

My most immediate thought is that it is not real and just a joke listing.

Nope, it really does exist. Here for example is a review of it on YouTube by a Swiss guy. I get the impression that this was built, not to actually be sold, but instead to act as a bit of viral advertising for Wenger.

The real fun part – The Amazon Questions and Reviews

As you can perhaps imagine, when faced with this beast many simply could not resist writing a review or simply answering a question, and so here are a few of my favourites …

… and of course the reviews are completely, wholly, and truly delightfully appropriate. If you check them out and note the dates it becomes obvious that this is not one wag having a lark. Instead, mocking this appears to have evolved into a national pastime.

What can I say except perhaps … enjoy.

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