What is the best way to debunk fake Videos?

Viral fake videos abound because they tickle our imagination.

So how do you effectively debunk one?

If you were faced with a talking head where somebody proceeds to debunk it fact by fact, then most eyes will rapidly glaze over and the vast majority will simply move on.

Is there a better solution?

Actually, yes there really is.

Alan Melikdjanian, the independent filmmaker, has a first class illustration of how to get it truly right . He puts on the persona of Captain Disillusion and blends that with his filmmaking skills to make some quite outstanding you tube rebuttals to the fakes.

Let’s take a look at his latest.

Here he pulls apart two completely unrelated videos:

…and also discusses the inevitability of unoriginality.

What Makes Him Tick?

If curious to gain a better insight into who this guy is and what he is all about, then the following may be of interest.

While attending QED in Manchester in the UK last October he gave a very entertaining talk in which he explains not only the process, but also parodied how to not communicate.

What becomes very clear is that he makes full use of his ability to craft a good script and hence engage his audience.

Perhaps now you realise why he has 283,500 subscribers and 16,841,946 views.

I do encourage you to support his work. You can do so here.

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