Fact Check: Was June Hottest Month?


Tweets have been circulating on social media declaring that June 2019 was the hottest month ever recorded. For example … So was it? Quick Answer: Nope. Slightly longer answer is this correction from Climatologist Michael E Mann … But how do we know? The alpha source for all of the latest “Hottest” claims comes from … Read more

Analysis of 2.7 billion tweets confirms Echo Chambers on Twitter

echo chamber

First, just for completeness, here is a quick definition. The term “Echo Chamber” is a reference to the idea that people are increasingly being only exposed to the ideas that they agree with, and don’t hear the arguments of those with whom they do not agree. The net effect is that we become more polarised. … Read more

Trolling the right-wing with @arguetron – #bots


I was posting yesterday about how to spot bots. That is perhaps an important skill to develop because we live in an age where bots with a very specific malicious intent are being deployed to deceive and manipulate you by masquerading as a human. They promote extreme ideas, not because it is one that those behind … Read more