Sharp decline of Latino Catholicism – Is this really surprising?

Pew published a poll on April 13 which revealed that many young Latinos are abandoning their traditional Catholicism and are instead becoming “Nones” (Nothing in Particular). Let’s first take a pass at what they survey reveals. Be warned, data statistics might sound “dull”, but there are a couple of “wow” moments coming up. Poll: Among … Read more

Christianity still in decline – Insight Via new 2022 Cooperative Election Study Data

If you are familiar with the ongoing decline of Christianity, then you will not be shocked to discover that the latest data once again reveals that the decline of organised religious belief continues. The latest 2022 data drop comes from the Cooperative Election Study. They poll about 50,000+ people both before and after presidential and … Read more

Oklahoma Wants Teachers to beat disabled kids into submission

Currently it is legal for teachers in Oklahoma to punish students by physically beating them into submission. There is however a legal exception. Students who are defied as having “the most significant cognitive disabilities” are out of scope; teachers can’t legally beat them. Republican State Rep. John Talley came up with a rather good idea, namely … Read more