The Death and resurrection of The Thinking Atheist – #‎GodHatesFacts‬

The Thinking Atheist is a radio podcast that you can tune into via details you will find on their website here. As many do, they have (or is that had, or perhaps still have … :-) ) a Facebook page to reach out to fans.

Death of their Facebook Page and Personal Accounts

Then this happened quite suddenly …


And 3 days later a Resurrection

So the good news here is that they are back, the tomb where their accounts have been lying dormant is empty, and the stone has been rolled away.

So what Happened?

Seth confirms that it was the god squad …


Er yes, so a bunch of deeply dishonest religious people collaborated to falsely mass-report the pages for “Bullying”, and yes, the irony is strong in this one, because clearly the only bullying going on here was being done by those doing the reporting.

It is worth noting that the TTA folks point out that Facebook did go above and beyond to sort this out asap. It is perhaps to be recognised that Facebook have a huge challenge dealing with over 1.59 billion registered and active users (let that sink in … Billion, not Million) and only 12,691 full-time staff to deal with it all, so their model of auto-deactivation is one that some of the deeply religious will leverage. Personally I feel that accounts that are falsely mass-reporting should in turn be auto-deactivated.


Final Thoughts

We should perhaps thank whoever took offence to their very existence and strove to obliterate the accounts, because as a result they have lots of well-deserved free publicity along with many new listeners and followers.

The Divine Prophet Mark Twain did of course know that this was going to happen. He clearly foretold it all within his holy scribblings when he wrote the following within a note to a reporter…

The report of my illness grew out of his illness; the report of my death was an exaggeration. – note Twain wrote in London on May 31, 1897 to reporter Frank Marshall White

Meanwhile, why not surf on over to the TTA podcast page and check out their latest podcast.

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