The WTC cross and the 9/11 memorial

David Silverman writes in the Guardian to explain why the WTC cross does not belong at the 9/11 memorial. There is been a lot of biased news that does not represent what is going on here (think Fox News), so if this is not at all clear, then you might be interested in reading why they filed the lawsuit. He writes …

On Wednesday 27 July, we at American Atheists filed a difficult case. We began a suit against the inclusion of the Christian cross at the World Trade Centre memorial. We knew this would potentially paint us as “unpatriotic”; we filed it anyway, because we are patriotic.

Our main concern here is equality: 9/11 was a faith-based American tragedy that affected everyone. However, the Christian community rallied around a T-joint they found in the rubble and secured what is, in effect, a sole representation in the memorial, for itself, to the exclusion of all other religions and philosophies. This is unfair to the hundreds of secular people who died on 9/11, as well as the hundreds more non-Christian theistic victims. We all deserve equal representation.

You can read the full article here.

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