How Does A Person Go From Believer To Atheist?

One day two young Mormon missionaries knock on performer Julia Sweeney’s door, and started her on a quest to completely rethink her own beliefs. In the end she made the transition from “believer” to “atheist”, so what happened and what was the thought process that carried her on this journey?

Oh wait, before we go there, first lets ask ourselves – who is she?

Julia Sweeney is an actor and writer best known for her four-year run on Saturday Night Live and her solo shows. Her recent piece, Letting Go of God, describes a journey that takes her on an unexpected turn toward science and ends with atheism.

OK then on with the show, here is her TED talk where she explains what happened.

What happened to her is perhaps happening to many others as well, there is a rising tide of reason that is taking place. What has changed is that we all have all been granted access to a vast flow of information – The Internet – and so this is rapidly changing us.


There is also a Transcript here.

1 thought on “How Does A Person Go From Believer To Atheist?”

  1. Salam,

    Information is the key to everything. Lets divide the information in to three categories.
    1. Complete information. If you have a complete information about anything, nobody will be able to mislead or misguide you. You will not listen to anyone because you have complete information.
    2. Zero information or no information. If you don’t have any information you will follow your elders or you are in a state that you will not listen to anybody because you don’t want to be involve in any kind of problem/ worrying part.
    3. Less or Incomplete Information. This is the most dangerous part. A person having incomplete information always seeks for new or always want to become complete to the topic. Today in the era of science and technology where we are stay connected to the internet, With incomplete information 90% of us go to the internet and start searching and most of the time we misunderstand or misguided and we think that its true I have seen it on internet. Its real. we always say that information on internet is 100% true. And all of us start doing research alone or without experts,

    If we don’t have information about a topic and we want to learn something we have to go to a person who is expert in the specific topic. i.e. If you are suffering from fever you go to the doctor not to carpenter. similarly If you are a believer then ask a question to believer not to atheist.


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