More Fox News Anti-Atheist Spin … they just make it up.

Fox News masquerades as a news channel, but you knew that right, so who would possibly sanction such bias and questionable ethics? Ah now that is indeed an easy answer, they are part of the Murdock media empire, so of course the “high” ethical standards and integrity they have demonstrated in the UK will leave you with no doubts.

Fair & Balanced” is a trademarked slogan used by them, and since that is such a blatant porky, comedian Al Franken used the slogan in the subtitle for his 2003 book Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them: A Fair and Balanced Look at the Right. In the book, he cites examples of Fox News’ bias. Did Fox News respond? Yep, they sued, but three days into that case Judge Denny Chin refused their request for an injunction. Chin denied the injunction and said that the case, Fox v. Franken, was “wholly without merit, both factually and legally”. He went on to suggest that Fox News’ trademark on the phrase “fair and balanced” could be invalid … no kidding.

Anyway, the latest example of what they get up to has been presented to us by on YouTube. Here he illustrates how Fox News created unnamed critics of outspoken Christian Tim Tebow who supposedly argue Tebow’s football loss disproves the existence of God and the alternate explanation offered that atheist Kim Jong-il was actually responsible for Tebow’s loss. It is all truly bizarre and reeks of an almost Pravda like devotion to the truth.

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