Expressions of faith

An anonymous believer is complaining on News24 …

Only the utterly desperate will continue to hide behind their keyboards with all their anonymous-atheist-deception and do the only thing can can do: write nonsensical atheist sermons for people to become indoctrinated into their small-minded atheist cult.

Sigh! … I just broke my irony meter … an anonymous believer is complaining about anonymous opinion pieces in a public forum. And of course the rant continues …

It’s rather read REAL news or go through the last few dozen Lotto numbers to triple-check my numbers, than to have my poor eyes and healthy intelligent brain subjected to more atheist drivel.

That’s fine then Ms Anonymous, just go do exactly that, there is no mandate to read anything at all.

Atheists, the first rule to debating: HAVE A POINT!

Ah Ms Anonymous, I think you will find that they do … the term “Atheist” is a rather large clue, it describes a conclusion regarding God claims, and while you might not agree, it still remains a valid point.

People should of course be free to believe anything and everything … that’s fine. They should also be free to express those views … that is also fine. There is however a line that should not be crossed. Demands for special privileges, the exclusion of people who do not believe, or the imposition of silly beliefs by force is not appropriate, and while irrational beliefs continue to push for such things, those that refuse to believe daft nonsense will push back with appropriate fact-based criticism, and attack, not those that believe, for they are the victims, but the bad ideas that inspire such lunacy.

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