Being a Teenage Atheist in School … UK vs US

While reading a very good article about yesterday’s Reason rally in the Washington Post, one small item caught my eye  (As an aside, go read that article, its a good one) …

Catherine Williams, 13, of Leesburg came to the rally with her mother, Lisa, and brother Nathaniel. She said she attends a small conservative private school where she is the only student who is openly an atheist. Sometimes, she said, it can be uncomfortable because many of her classmates are vocal about their religious beliefs. When talk in the classroom focuses on religion, students turn and look at her for her reaction, she said.

“Coming here makes me feel less alone,” she said, a sentiment echoed by many in Saturday’s crowd.

And over here in the UK things are a bit different.

My daughter was telling me the other day that in her RE class in school, her RE teacher asked them all, “Who believes in God?“. Apparently only one girl put her hand up, the rest of the entire class are atheists. I asked her, “What did your RE teacher think of that?“, and in response was told, “Oh she is an atheist as well“.

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