Extensions to #MeToo brings us #ChurchToo

#MeToo #ChurchTooYou are hopefully familiar with the #MeToo twitter tag. Just over a month ago it went viral as a very public grassroot shout to denounce sexual assault and harassment. It was triggered by the very public accusations against Harvey Weinstein. Literally million of people used it to come forward and so the scale of abuse and harassment was revealed.

Here are a few statistics that will enable you to grasp it …

Why started this?

Here is a tweet that points you at the Origin story …

There, via that link, you will discover the story of Tarana Burke. She created “Me Too” back in 2006 on MySpace. Her vision was, and is, the promotion of “empowerment through empathy”.

Now we have #ChurchToo

A couple of days ago Twitter users Hannah Paasch and Emily Joy started #ChurchToo, and so this is now exposing sexual abuse and harassment within religious communities.

Below are a few of the many many tweets. I’ll simply put them out there without any further comment … except to add the observation that the tweets below are simply scratching the surface




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