Why is the Southern Baptist membership rapidly shrinking?

Is the membership of the Southern Baptist Convention really shrinking? That is very much a resounding “yes”, each and every year since 2006 it has been falling. Don’t take my word on it, but instead lean upon the actual numbers that they themselves produce. Each year an Annual Church Profile (ACP) is compiled by Lifeway … Read more

How to Make a Small Fortune on the Stock Market

First, I better set your expectations correctly, I’m not trying to sell you anything, nor am I giving you actual financial guidance. Instead this is a posting about how utterly absurd the pricing of the DJT stock actually is. However, I will tell you a guaranteed way that you can use to make a small … Read more

Ron DeSantis Really is “Florida Man” Incarnated

The guy who set himself on fire outside the Trump trial last week turned out to have been a whacky conspiracy theorist. He did what he did for utterly crazy reasons and was not doing it for Trump. He had driven up from his home in Florida, hence was also a “Florida Man”. In other … Read more