1. Kurt

    “The remaining 9 patients recovered completely”

    That’s a 70% success rate, pretty damn impressive to me.

    Plus the fact that the study was done by neurosurgeons (i.e. competition for chiropractors) doesn’t really add to the neutrality of it all, does it? It’s like having fans of Barcelona write an article about Real Madrid fans…

    • How on earth is it a 70% success rate? Are you just a paid shrill for the chiropractic cult?

      There is no evidence chiropractic methods work. It’s essentially just the placebo effect and coupled with the passage of time, most back pains will go way anyway. You could rub your head with a rabbit’s foot and given enough time attribute it to relieving back pain, but it still proves nothing.

  2. Jenn A.

    Where is the full text of this article? I spoke with someone who had access to it, and was told that the manipulation in these cases was not even done by a chiropractor- so don’t use a crappy “research” article to spread nonsense about the chiropractic profession. Also, if you want the truth regarding the safety of chiropractic, all you have to do is look at their malpractice insurance rates. Less than $1000 per year in most cases. MD’s pay hundreds of thousands a year. Why? Because an MD is WAY more likely to kill you than a chiropractor…

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