1. Ben

    “And before you ask, no I’m not giving you a link to a PR rag issued by a gang of murderous thugs.”

    Uhhh, why not? You can’t read thugs by people you don’t agree with now?
    I suppose Mein Kampf should be banned, along with any other publication representing a conflicting point of view.

    And besides, this website has skeptical right in the title, I’m supposed to take it on faith that this news story (that includes reference to The Onion no less) is true without any primary sources?

  2. Dave Gamble

    No faith required Ben, its all over the news. I do give you a link to the story in a credible news source, the BBC. But a quick google search will give you their site … I name it and name the article, so its easy, but I’ll not bump the Al Qaeda search engine rankings by linking to them.

    I believe in freedom of speech, they can publish whatever crap they wish.

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