“Massacre of Muslims in Burma” – Debunked

There are a lot of reports circulating in Facebook groups and also many Islamic blogs regarding a claim that thousands of Muslims have been slaughtered in Burma and that the world remains silent about it all. Pictures such as that shown here are common.

This comes with some text that usually reads … “50 thousand Muslims killed in Burma (Mayanmar) by Buddhist terrorists, the world is quiet, Muslims are killled by Others and they also blamed to terrorist, where is humanity ?”. An example of one of the many postings is here.

Is this really true? No, it is complete fiction. The original of the above photo can be found here. There we discover that it is actually an image of protesters being arrested and detained in Thailand in 2004.

Many other similar examples of fake pictures abound. For example we have the following image as shown on the right here…also circulating

Is this really an image of a slaughter of Muslims by Buddhist monks? No, not at all, the original is in fact showing you Tibetan monks assisting earthquake victims and comes from here.

Do not be fooled by these blatant attempts to stir up hatred, the claimed slaughter of thousands of Muslims in Burma is a complete fiction. There is some evidence of unrest and I did find evidence that 10 Muslims died during some civil unrest, but not thousands or tens of thousands.

The death of just one individual, with or without belief is a tragedy, especially when it is belief driven murder. It happens, it really does, Muslims kill non Muslims, non-Muslims kill Muslims, Muslims kill other Muslims simply because of different beliefs, but in this specific instance the now widely circulating claim is complete fiction. The world remains silent, not because they don’t care a damn, but rather because it never happened. There are real instances of genocide, for example in the former Yugoslavia, where NATO stepped in to save the Muslim population, and many European nations then following up with a lot of humanitarian aid. They did this because they cared and because they were humans in distress, nobody had an interest in what their beliefs were, they just helped.

These pictures are clearly designed to ignite rage and motivate young passionate and impressionable youths to engage in a violent response in the name of Islam. Like the belief system itself, the claim has no merit and is complete fiction.

Do not let yourself be fooled or conned by any of this.


  1. Hannah

    I like everything you have written in your artical, except for your final quote. As a young impressionable muslim, your final opinion where you quote, ‘like the belief system itself’ makes your intentions seem insincere, it’s a shame you had to ruin your important point that aims to illuminate provocative accusations with such a immature simplistic comment about your own views about faith. Have you even read a holy book like the Bible, Torah or Quran? If you have and can still say that not one word makes sence to you, then I would rest my case!

  2. Maybe That is you say true or maybe not/ Have you witnessed the situation in Burma- been there while the unrest/ seen anything with your own eyes? Or you specialize on internet photo research? Thanks

    • Dave Gamble

      Irma … There is no doubt that terrible things have indeed happened in Burma, that is now clear. What is even more appalling is that there have been fraudulent claims, as I documented above that attempt to whip up a frenzy and fan the flames of hatred. So much so that many seriously doubt the fact based stories of what has really happened, a considerable degree of harm has been done by these false claims. Think of all the aid needed, but has not come because of such false claims.

  3. Agnostic

    Dave : The very link you provided to debunk the story, states that 78 Thai Muslims died of suffocation as a result of being arrested by the Thai military and piled on top of each other in trucks for six hours before they were transported to some prison, and yet you wrote : ” There is some evidence of unrest and I did find evidence that 10 Muslims died during some civil unrest,”. It would have been wise to fully read that page before jumping to hasty conclusions. I agree with you that some sick individuals would exploit such pictures to stir hatred based on largely exaggerated comments. But down playing facts doesn’t help either.

    • Dave Gamble

      You are indeed correct … thanks for that. The true issue here is not “did bad things happen”, because clearly they did. The real issue is the promotion of false claims of genocide that then leads many to also seriously doubt the real facts. That in itself has resulted in real harm.

  4. yuna

    You maybe laugh out of your ass if you ever heard about 2004 earthquake and tsunami was caused by the us job..in my country it was the fact out of everything else theory.



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