It is Darwin day – 12th Feb

Today, 12th February is International Darwin day. Why today? Basically because it is the anniversary of the birth of Charles Darwin on 12 February 1809. It is of course not just to celebrate the contributions that Charles Darwin made to the understanding of our origins, but it is also an excuse to promote science in […]

Why do political and religious discussions become heated?

Dialog on most topics tends to not result in heated verbal exchanges, but move on to either strongly embraced politics or religion ideas and you may find that verbal a whiplash is soon being deployed. What is going on here, why is it like this? What is even more fascinating is that even […]

#GreatBarrierReef has suffered worst bleaching on record in 2016 – #climate

The BBC and other News sources are reporting the news that the Great Barrier Reef has suffered its worst bleaching on record in 2016 … Higher water temperatures in 2016 caused the worst destruction of corals ever recorded on Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, a study has found. Some 67% of corals […]

Can you see what nobody else can see, are you a tetrachromat?

Most humans have three different cone cells within their eyes, and it is these three variations that enables us to perceive colours. A word used to describe this is “trichromatic“. Now what becomes a quite interesting is that the perception of what we actually see will not only vary from person […]

Can we wipe out the Ivory Trade with synthetic 3D printed Ivory? 1

The Ivory trade has resulted in poachers seeking out and slaughtering animals such as Rhino and Elephants to such a degree that it is rapidly leading towards, not just the endangerment of species, but complete extinction. The motivation that drives the now illegal poaching is well-understood, as explained by IFLS … The […]

Synthetic Humans is now becoming a real possibility.

We have read the entire human genome, and so now a new project has been initiated to take the next step. There is now a 10 year plan to create an entire synthetic human genome. We have been pouring over the billions of base pairs within the human genome for […]