Phil Plate

Phil (The “Bad Astronomer”) Plait gives a fantastic TED talk

Well-known skeptic, author, astronomer, and science advocate Phil Plait, who blogs as the “Bad Astronomer” (hosted by Discover Magazine) has given a fantastic TEDx Boulder talk. Phil’s big thing is asteroid impacts … (hence his book “Death from the skies”) … he is fascinated by these asteroid and comet impacts, and is a big supporter of finding, tracking, and ultimately deflecting any dangerous rocks heading our way, so it should be no surprise that this is what he talked about […]

Phil Plait’s Bad Universe – Premieres Tonight 1

Tonight’s the night … Phil’s big day day has finally arrived, so go crank up your DVR’s and get ready for a Vulcan mind-meld of scientific skepticism. OK, for those who have no idea what I’m on about, here is some info … What’s happening? Phil Plate has a new TV show called “Phil Plait’s Bad Universe”. It premieres this Sunday night (TODAY) August 29, at 10:00 p.m. on the Discovery Channel. Who Is Phil Plate? Phil Plait, the creator […]


Skeptics in the Tub

Did you ever come across “Skeptics in the Pub”? No!! … Oh then you better go check it out. Click here to find one near you. Skeptics in the Pub is a place for skeptics to meet and converse (usually) once every month. The event was founded in London, UK by Dr Scott Campbell in 1999, and is for all those interested in the bizarre, and the rational approach to extraordinary claims. It is now run by Sid Rodrigues. Anyway, […]

Bad Universe

The secret is out. The skeptic astronomer, Phil Plate, had a super secret project that is now in the public domain. He has been working on a fabulous new Discovery channel series, here is a preview. It feels a bit like “Death from the skies” meets “Mythbusters”, lots of practical real science that de-bunks the popular cultural myths using lots of cool graphics and real explosions. Update Sat 24: [There was a problem with the video, and Discovery is in […]