Wingnut Weekly – 15th Sep 2019


What is truly fascinating is that when faced with the various pronouncements, claims, and assertions that the wingnut clan continues to promote, there is no need to do anything except to simply quote their own words. It is all so bizarre, absurd, and utterly daft, that any attempt at satire or mockery would be pointless … Read moreWingnut Weekly – 15th Sep 2019

National Weather Service and NOAA vs Trump

National Weather Service and NOAA vs Trump

The byline is perhaps fact vs fiction and revolves around the tweet put out by the National Weather Service. What happened? Least you missed it, here is how it all played out. On Sept 1st, the idiot-in-chief tweeted this warning about Hurricane Dorian … One tiny flaw, Alabama was not at risk. The Alabama Weather … Read moreNational Weather Service and NOAA vs Trump

IgNobel 2019 – Funny and Fascinating – #IgNobel

The 29th First Annual IgNobel Prize ceremony happened last night at the Sanders Theatre in Harvard University, Cambridge. It is a tad tricky to explain. The IgNobel awards are parody, but also serious, and yet still done as a spoof , but the research that wins is real research published in credible peer-review journals. Those that win … Read moreIgNobel 2019 – Funny and Fascinating – #IgNobel

Report: “Urgent Action on Climate Adaptation needed”


An international commission that is focused on climate Adaptation and is led by Ban Ki-moon, 8th Secretary-General of the United Nations, Bill Gates, Co-chair of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and Kristalina Georgieva, CEO, World Bank, has just published a new report that calls for urgent action on climate. Who wrote it? The Global … Read moreReport: “Urgent Action on Climate Adaptation needed”