WTF is wrong with the media in the UK?

Some potentially exciting news has been announced and the UK media are all over it … The Telegraph … Breakthrough as scientists create first drug to halt Alzheimer’s disease A pill taken twice a day has stalled deterioration of the brain in Alzheimer’s patients for the first time. Scientists announced that the mental decline of participants in a final-stage trial had been halted for 18 months, raising hopes that an effective treatment for the drug, called LMTX, is close at hand. New Scientist … […]


What are the very best arguments presented by Climate Change deniers?

Not everybody is on board with the idea that climate change is real and that human activity is the root cause, and so beyond the prevailing consensus that exists within the scientific community there are a few individuals who take a different stance. What arguments do they present and what inspires them to go in a different direction? Dana Nuccitelli, a blogger on, environmental scientist, and risk assessor who also contributes to (John Cook’s well researched Climate Science blog … yes […]

Pakistani Muslim Doctor threatened for helping non-Muslim

The Guardian recounts the firsthand story written by a Muslim doctor about what happened when he treated a non-Muslim, and how it resulted in him completely changing his entire life and fleeing Pakistan. …one night while working an ER shift, when I received a patient needing urgent dialysis. Unattended and disheveled as he was, there was no one with him to get him the medicine he needed. Fearing he might die, I instinctually grabbed the emergency medicine donated via zakaat, an […]


TIL @ #WSF16 – Elephants that go underground and mine salt

The title might suggest that this is a satire piece, but it is not and is instead the literal description. It comes via a talk given by Ian Redmond at the Winchester Science festival last Sunday, and so the acronym TIL within the title means “Today I Learned”, but to be a tad more accurate perhaps that should actually be LSIL (Last Sunday I Learned). Ian is a tropical field biologist and conservationist who is best renowned for his work with gorillas and elephants, also he […]


Pokémon Go the ultimate religious lunatic detector

What happens when Pokémon Go meets fanatical religious belief in Saudi Arabia? I’m speculating about your thoughts, but my guess it that you will most probably conjurer up mental images of lots of little Pokémon being beheaded, and that is not too far from the truth. We have been here before, because back in 2001 when Pokémon first went viral, the Saudi’s issued a religious Fatwa banning it. Now that Pokémon Go has arrived … well guess what … Saudi Arabia has renewed a fatwa […]


Guardian refused to publish Comedian Frankie Boyle’s article – here it is, enjoy.

The UK Comedian Frankie Boyle (pictured above) has a very sharp tongue that you really really don’t want to be on the receiving end of. What he says and writes can not only be hilariously funny, it often is laced with a few gems of truth as well. It is truly fascinating that it is often the comedians who are telling us the truths that nobody else is willing to say, and that perhaps is not just a modern development, […]