The canary in the coal mine, the world’s Coral Reefs are now in extreme distress. Not too long ago I was blogging about the unprecedented back-to-back mass bleaching event that has taken place on Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. The actual scope, the big picture here, is that it is not […]

Global Coral Reefs are in terminal decline – #climate

In some respects, almost every religious belief is weird. We simply don’t notice because it has blended into the background and become part of the culture, so we don’t perceive the weirdness. Take for example what is perhaps the most popular belief on the planet – Catholicism. At its core […]

Top 3 Weekly Weird Religious News Items

If you ask people to list other words that they associate with the word “Christian” then those that embrace some variation of Christianity might suggest terms such as “Love”, “Compassion”, “Tolerance”, etc… However, ask those that are not inside the bubble and you will at times find a rather different […]

Christian Intolerance, spite and outright aggression