Befuddling and blinding with meaningless gibberish

Edzard Ernst, has pointed out a rather “interesting” paper that has been written by a German child/adolescent psychiatrist and homeopathic physician, Michael Hartmann. Prof Ernst points it out, not because he thinks it is good, but because despite having a string of letters after his name (MD, PhD, FMedSci, FSB, FRCP, FRCPEd), he does not understand a word of it. See if you can do any better, here is the summary … Efforts have been made to integrate homeopathy into the system of […]

Caveat emptor: Please buy my “How to get instantly rich” scam

If you surf the Net with Ad-Block off, you will no doubt at some point spot something like this … For the curious, I found that one on the Christian Post website as a sponsored ad, so it can only lead me to ponder the ethics involved in their willingness to host a scam. Wow it sounds exciting, so you click the link and you get taken to a website that is devoid of any actual detail, but whips up the excitement […]


Christian Claim: “atheism in the US has remained flat for over seven decades”

As might be expected, in response to the latest Pew research report that highlights a huge growth of nones and the decline of belief in the US, many believers are popping up to claim that the numbers are all wrong. An example is Jerry Newcombe popping up on the Christian Post with the claim that atheism is flat, and that the nones are really mostly members of non-denominational, evangelical churches. To be specific, the claim is this … “Much to the chagrin […]


Why is Saudi Arabia going Nuclear?

Now this is a disturbing bit of news. The UKs Independent reports … Saudi Arabia intends to buy an “off the shelf” nuclear weapon from Pakistan, according to US officials quoted in The Sunday Times. The report comes amid ongoing negotiations between Iran and other world powers over its nuclear programme, and a potential thawing of relations between the US and Iran. Saudi Arabia is wary of a potential deal on Iran’s nuclear programme and Prince Turki bin Faisal, the former Saudi […]


Hey this is cool … adding a new dimension by Time-Laspe mining photos

Now this is cool, a couple of clever chaps from the University Of Washington in conjunction with google have worked out a way of Time-Lapse mining photos from the internet and turning them into a movie of how things change over time. As explained by them …  We introduce an approach for synthesizing time-lapse videos of popular landmarks from large community photo collections. The approach is completely automated and leverages the vast quantity of photos available online. First, we cluster […]


The grim reality of life under ISIS

Patrick Cockburn, an Irish journalist who has been a Middle East correspondent since 1979, has published part 2 of his harrowing stories about life under ISIS. In Part 1 which was published on 16th May (you can find it here), Mr Cockburn documents some of the truly harrowing stories from the women who have fled from the Jihadist state. He wrote … Aysha was forced to pledge total obedience to her husband, even when it came to suicide bombing. What happened […]