Religious group demands airtime on BBC

So the news is that Voice for Justice UK, a religious group, has presented a 12,000 signature petition to the BBC demanding that the BBC should not take up proposals to reduce Christian programs and that they should also fire their current Head of Religion and Ethics, Aaqil Amhed, simply because he is not Christian. Their representative, Revd Lynda Rose, CEO of Voice for Justice UK, explained … “The UK is actually a Christian country, it’s established as such by statue, all […]


Why is having a gun in your home a really really bad idea?

On a business trip to the US, I was invited by one chap into his home, and at some point the topic of guns came up. Not being a US citizen, he was curious to solicit my views. He was clearly pro-gun and had some rather strong ideas, and so being a polite guest I opted not to argue, but to instead listen as he explained his thinking on the topic. He lived in LA, and so he could simply point out […]


#BREXIT #EURef – Will the UK really leave the EU?

It appears to be starting to dawn on many that it is distinctly possible that the UK is not actually about to quit the EU even if every politician going is parroting “the people have spoken, we must respect that” line. A comment has appeared under a Guardian article that is now widely being shared, and also highlighted as a Guardian Pick, reads as follows … If Boris Johnson looked downbeat yesterday, that is because he realises that he has lost. […]


Rebooting the Human Immune system to cure multiple sclerosis

Dr. Jenny Remington-Hobbs (pictured above) is a 31 year old doctor, a neurologist, from London, who came down with multiple sclerosis (MS). This is one of the most common devastating neurological diseases because there was basically no real cure. The best most could hope for is anti-inflammatory drugs, but that is not a cure. Slowly slowly over time it incapacitates and so you end up in a wheelchair until eventually the complications of neuro-degeneration finally result in the inevitable. Now something quite remarkable has happened, the multiple sclerosis […]


What happens now that #BREXIT has become a reality? – #EURef

(Rant Mode on) I never believed it and simply did not grasp that it would actually happen. Why not? Well because I simply did not think that we had a sufficiently large enough number of utterly stupid people who were so bereft of any and all common sense that they were unable to see that the LEAVE campaign had been lying to them on an almost industrial scale. Alas, up they all popped to prove me quite wrong about that. As predicted, […]


How should you respond to violent religious extremists?

Some people can and do embrace utterly absurd beliefs that inspire them to behave in a truly obnoxious manner, and so you might sometimes wonder what the best way to handle such absurdity actually is. I’m thinking specifically of the extreme variations of Islamic belief that we are rather sadly familiar with. Are these people you can reason with? Generally no. Should we simply fight fire with fire and deploy violence and intolerance as a response to their violence and intolerance? If […]