Why did somebody open a Fake Gun Shop in NYC?

When it comes to the topic of Gun Control I confess that I’m totally biased, but that is perhaps because I live in the UK where gun ownership is banned and nobody, not even the police (except in special circumstances) will carry a weapon. The contrast is of course the US where, due to the high proliferation and easy access to such weapons, things are rather different. So last week a Gun Shop opened in Manhattan’s Lower East Side selling to first time […]


Scientific Pirates – rebels with a cause

Now here is an interesting twist on things, and yet if you think about it, not really a surprise. There now exist websites that provides free access to scientific articles that normally reside behind paywalls, and so the official publisher, Elsevier, has responded by filing a complaint at a New York district court against Library Genesis (LibGen) and Sci-Hub.org(currently at this URL http://www.sci-hub.club, but usually at http://www.sci-hub.org). Are these your normal pirates? Well that is where things get interesting, because things are not quite as you might expect and that […]


Claimed Evidence: Prophecy in the Bible 1

During a dialog with a commenter the topic of prophecy in the Bible came up, and so the following observation was made … Actually the largest argument against fulfilled Biblical prophecies is that there is no way to verify that they were actually predicted before the event happened and not after. In fact, there are so many prophecies given in the Old Testament that have “come to pass” that it’s hard to address it in a comment section. Here’s a decent […]


The view from the other side of the fence – “Evolutionists and Atheists” 3

I do take an occasional peek over the fence to see what is on the other side, and why not since I once lived there myself. If I am going to be skeptical, then I should also be skeptical about my own position just as much as any other, and so listening to what is being said, and understanding what the counter arguments actually are is part of that process. So over on the Christian Post we have an article by […]


For some The Flintstones is a documentary 1

You know that there are people who believe truly crazy things that conflict with everything we actually know, in fact, thanks to the Internet we are awash with all sorts of claims that pop up each day, hollow earth, aliens, miracles, bigfoot, etc… the list is almost endless. Anyway, to mark the release of Jurassic World, we have a fun little survey that was run by YouGov and polled 1,000 people in the US between 15-17 June. The results are quite jaw […]


Teaching “Proper Islamic Principles” to counter the extremists… would it really work?

Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri, an Iislamic scholar of Sufism and also a politician in Pakistan, has written an article in the UK’s Guardian in which he suggests that “Teaching proper Islamic principles will help stem extremism”, he writes … Radical ideology depends upon a framework of (distorted) theological reference points and scriptural justifications. It is here that appropriate intervention can bear fruit. Challenging the narratives and belief structures of the misguided with proper Islamic principles and validated interpretations of scripture must be incorporated into any […]