Franklin Graham is trying to police Rainbow usage

This one truly takes the biscuit, and involves a posting made by Franklin Graham, the son of the famous Billy Graham. This is what popped up on Facebook … … and yes, I was one of the early commenters, but after 47,000 comments mine has been buried in all the noise the posting generated, and would you believe that it has been shared over 134 thousand times, and also liked over 340,000 times, so clearly rather a lot of people can quite happily […]


‘British Schindler’ Sir Nicholas Winton dies aged 106

Within our world there have been some truly amazing people who swam against the tide of events and did something truly inspiring – one such individual was Nicholas Winton. The BBC reports that he has sadly passed away at the age of 106. Roughly about one year ago, I was blogging about him, and so as a tribute I am now reposting that article today. ———— Back in 1938, Nicholas Winton was a 29-year-old London stockbroker, who on a visit […]

Open Letter to Bristol Palin 2

Ms Palin has established herself as such a tempting target for ridicule that it is in so many ways quite hard to resist to temptation to deploy smug comments as a response to her latest announcement, and yet I do resist because such rhetoric not only serves no purpose, but would simply antagonise, and so a far more appropriate response should perhaps be founded upon empathy and compassion, for she is human and has simply inherited a belief from Mum that has completely and totally […]

Why did somebody open a Fake Gun Shop in NYC?

When it comes to the topic of Gun Control I confess that I’m totally biased, but that is perhaps because I live in the UK where gun ownership is banned and nobody, not even the police (except in special circumstances) will carry a weapon. The contrast is of course the US where, due to the high proliferation and easy access to such weapons, things are rather different. So last week a Gun Shop opened in Manhattan’s Lower East Side selling to first time […]


Scientific Pirates – rebels with a cause

Now here is an interesting twist on things, and yet if you think about it, not really a surprise. There now exist websites that provides free access to scientific articles that normally reside behind paywalls, and so the official publisher, Elsevier, has responded by filing a complaint at a New York district court against Library Genesis (LibGen) and at this URL, but usually at Are these your normal pirates? Well that is where things get interesting, because things are not quite as you might expect and that […]


Claimed Evidence: Prophecy in the Bible 3

During a dialog with a commenter the topic of prophecy in the Bible came up, and so the following observation was made … Actually the largest argument against fulfilled Biblical prophecies is that there is no way to verify that they were actually predicted before the event happened and not after. In fact, there are so many prophecies given in the Old Testament that have “come to pass” that it’s hard to address it in a comment section. Here’s a decent […]