Claim: Obama imposes Islam upon House of Representatives

As part of the on-going and utterly bizarre claim that Obama is really a secret Muslim with an Islamic agenda, we have this latest gem doing the rounds (Image above and tweet below) … #News Obama Enforced Islamic Prayer Opening in U.S. House of Representatives — The Politic Manager (@TPoliticmanager) August 28, 2016 What are the facts here? The pictures (and also an associated video clip) show Imam Hamad Chebli of the Islamic Society of Central Jersey opening the session with a prayer. […]


Did Michele Bachmann say that white people suffered more under Obama than black people did during slavery?

I saw the following posting pop up on Facebook where it is being promoted as fact … It comes across as horrendous, crass, and an incredibly stupid thing to say. It very much panders to the reputation she has as somebody who is very religious and is often quoted as saying some truly silly things, and so those familiar with that reputation will immediately accept it as a factual claim and proceed to comment about how daft she is (that’s […]

Children’s Home Refuses $28,000 Donation

You would perhaps expect a Children’s Charity that has been established to provide a home and support for abused kids would gratefully receive any and every donation offered …. but apparently not. So this is what happened. This is a story about how Matt Wilbourn and his wife (pictured above) attempted to make a donation to a Children’s home and then had that donation refused simply because they are not religious. So the story starts as follows, (via a Friendly Atheist article on all of […]


Climate Change: People really do change their minds

Once a view is adopted and embraced, is that it, or can humans break free? The answer is of course that people can and do break free from previous ideas and instead accept that they were once wrong. Generally however it does take time, and they also need to work it out for themselves. Chad Myers Back in 2010, Chad Myers the CNN weather guy was promoting Climate Change denial. Here he is live on air suggesting that Climate scientists are corrupted because […]


Has religious decline come to a halt in the UK?

The National Center for social research has recently released some new statistics. In this they reveal that the decline of religion within the UK appears to have halted. The UK’s Telegraph has in turn picked this up and run with that .. Decline of religion in Britain ‘comes to a halt’ – major study suggests new figures from Britain’s longest-running and most important barometer of general public opinion suggest that reports of the imminent death of Christianity at least may […]


Are Demons Real?

Let’s start with the basics first – There is no evidence that supernatural entities known as demons are real and actually exist. There are of course many stories. The concept is also a powerful religious idea that helps people to explain some things, hence the idea thrives and persists. Many belief systems claim that unseen hidden supernatural entities are real and explain that they are fallen angels or simply spirits that can manifest or possess humans. There is also going hand-in-hand with this […]