Why did Republicans bring massive boost to Gay Sex workers in Cleveland?

As you might be aware, the Republican National Convention in Cleveland passed what is perhaps the most hostile anti-LGBT platform ever seen in its history. With that in mind you might perhaps anticipate that when it town all these white straight anglo-saxons would have caused the normal trade being plied by local gay sex workers to completely dry up, but hey guess what, it turns out that it was quite the opposite. Aware of the rather blatant hypocrisy that is rampant […]


Hillary Clinton Mythology

I am quite frankly astonished to observe the degree of mythology that has grown up around both Bill and Hillary Clinton. To give you an idea of what is floating about, here is a list to various claims that have all been robustly fact-checked on Snopes and discovered to be completely and utterly false … The Clintons are charging rent to the Secret Service agents assigned to protect them. New York Senator Hillary Clinton refused to meet with a delegation of Gold Star mothers. Hillary […]


Climate Change: Global Summary Information – June 2016

The numbers for June 2016 have just been published and various prominent media outlets are quite rightly reporting it. Here are a few examples … The BBC reports … Hottest June ever recorded worldwide – NOAA USA Today reports … June was Earth’s 14th straight record warm month The UKs Guardian … Hottest ever June marks 14th month of record-breaking temperatures But also we have these stories as well … Scientific American … First Half of 2016 Blows Away Temperature Records The raw data, the ultimate source for all […]


Twitter love story ends in marriage

Today is not such a serious day, and so I bring you a small little twitter story of love and romance. Back in 2012 twitter book lover Victoria O’Brien became quite enchanted by whoever was behind the smart funny and humorous tweets emerging from the Oxford St Waterstones bookstore’s twitter account, and so she tweeted this … well I'm in love with whoever is manning the @WstonesOxfordSt account. Be still my actual beating heart. — Victoria (@VictoriaOB_) November 20, 2012 Waterstones replied […]


World’s greatest concentration of unique mammal species are all on 1 Island

An interesting little paper has popped up via Science Daily and concerns the publication of the results of a 15 year study of the biodiversity of one Island in the Philippines. In summary … Luzon, the largest island in the Philippines, is home to the world’s greatest concentration of unique mammal species — 93 percent of the land mammals there are found nowhere else. A new paper announces that 52 of the island’s 56 non-flying mammals live nowhere else in […]

Photographs of (A) Carpomys melanurus, (B) Batomys gran , (C) Phloeomys pallidus, (D) Carpomys phaeurus, (E) Crateromys schadenbergi, and (F) Musseromys gulantang.

Daft Claim: “Pokémon GO cyber-demons to be used by Islamic jihadists”

Sometimes you come across stuff that is so utterly bizarre that it is actually in one sense quite entertaining comedy gold. Today we throw a spotlight upon Rick Wiles, the host of the TruNews radio program, a Far-Right fundamentalist Christian radio show.  There he not only promotes conspiracy theories, but often strives with some success to out-crazy all the competition. “Weird” does not begin to describe it all, and so it should be no surprise to learn that he has earned himself a slot as a regular guest on both […]

TruNews host Rick Wiles