Reviewing a Christian response to the atheist ten non-commandments

If you are not sure what these new improved ten commandments are or where they came from, then you can read the posting I wrote about them here. Many “Christian” responses to them are what you might indeed anticipate and expect, and fall into categories that are best described as either “unthinking” and/or “impolite”, but I have come across one … Read more

Are we really better off believing in religious Myths?

An objection to reality that many of those that believe in gods will promote is the idea that people are better off if they embrace such myths. As an example we have a recent letter-to-the-editor type of format for this claim here in the Indiana Gazette … Science hasn’t proven the existence of God, but … Read more

Which is best, being right or the truth?

When faced with the question, “Which is best, being right or the truth?“, the answer might appear to be obvious, most would suggest that “truth” is what they strive for, yet in the real world most also appear to have a rather strong bias towards being right as their top priority. So what am I … Read more

Nice quote from PZ at TAM9 during panel discussion

While at TAM9 in Vegas a couple of weeks ago, one of the many panels I listened to was one in which they discussed  “communicating skepticism”. It included Phil Plait, Eugenie Scott, Jamy Ian Swiss, Sadie Crabtree, Carol Tavris, and of course PZ Myers. During this PZ came out with what I believe is a … Read more

Lying for the faith

Time and time again we find that religious folks, who claim to hold the ultimate form of morality (an apparent direct line to a God) to be a tad lacking in basic ethics. The most common example we all often come across consists of Christian Creationists lying for Jesus and more or less making stuff up that they then claim is “proof”. When you go through it with them, it does not make one iota of a different, they might as well have stuck their fingers in the ears and babbled “la la la” while you patiently explained things. The very next day they will be back to babbling the same old rhetoric.

Is it just the Christians? Nope, not at all. Today we have an Islamic example. Andrew Gilligan writes in today’s Telegraph about an East London Mosque that had faithfully promised to ban homophobic preachers. Well yes, I’m sure you can guess where this is going … he writes …

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