#TAMLondon – The “Champagne Skeptic” fallacy

Last weekend, Gimpy triggered a bit of a fracas when he tweeted and then blogged as follows about TAM London: ‘Champagne Skepticism’ – a backslapping exercise where by the well off pay an organisation to tell them how important their activism is.  Grassroots activists unable to afford the fee aren’t important enough to be considered. … Read more

#TAMLondon – Top Award for Rhys Morgan (15)

Pictured here you can see 15 year old Rhys Morgan being given his grassroots skepticism award at TAM London by James Randi while receiving a standing ovation from the thousand strong crowd. Those familiar with the background were truly delighted that he had won, because it was well deserved. However, some have not heard the … Read more

#TAMLondon – Andy’s Come to Jesus talk

When Andy Rutherford stood up and announced to the TAM audience, “I’m going to talk to you about Jesus.”, the reaction from a room that was mostly populated with Atheists and non-believers is more or less predictable. However, with nothing more that a few groans, politeness kicked in and we all suspended judgment. We were … Read more