If not Mars then perhaps into Orbit?

Yesterday I blogged about the MARS One folks offering one-way tickets for a trip to Mars, and yes I still think it is a hyped up Reality TV show that does not involve anybody actually leaving the planet. Well, I’ve tripped over a similar offer that looks  real. AXE is offering a suborbital space flight … Read more

MARS … anybody willing to go?

A group called MARS One has issued their Requirements for anybody willing to go to MARS … AMERSFOORT, THE NETHERLANDS, 08 JANUARY 2013 – Mars One, a not-for-profit organization which plans to establish a human settlement on Mars in 2023, today issued the base requirements for its pending Astronaut Selection Program. This establishes the first … Read more

Astronomy news: There are Billions and Billions of planets in our Galaxy

How many planets exist in our galaxy? We have no precise answer, but we now have a far better idea and can now say “Billions” or even “Billions and Billions”. On what basis can we conclude this?  Well here is some info you can dip into, JPL reports yesterday Billions and Billions of Planets … There they … Read more

Fly me to the moon … for $1.4 billion

The BBC reports that a company called Golden Spike intends to fly to the moon by 2020, and that they will sell tickets for $1.4bn (£871m) a pair. Anybody got a bit of spare change I can borrow, the odd billion perhaps rattling about in their pocket? The BBC also says that this company “plans to use … Read more