The Power or Prayer … for skeptics

I’ve been having a polite dialog with a true believer, who when asked, cites a series of supernatural claims as justification for his beliefs. His exact words are … …God has proven Himself to me many times in my life. Through miracles,healings,Angelic visitations! Before you ask yes Dave I have seen Angels! Seeing is believing … Read more

(Poll) – Which are the very best Skeptical Podcasts?

Its time for the skeptical Podcast vote. Below you will find a list of specifically skeptical podcasts, or simply other podcasts that have a skeptical theme to them as suggested by a wide array of folks (BTW … thanks).

When making your choice:

  • You don’t just get one vote, instead, you can pick as many as you wish
  • Please don’t tick random boxes, instead pick the podcasts you have really enjoyed and would recommend to others

The goal here is a bit of crowd-sourcing to enable folks to suss out what is truly popular.

Personally, I find podcasts to be of immense value, especially on a daily basis when I’m in transit to/from work, and like everybody, I have my favorites (sorry, no names now, I’ve no wish to influence the vote). If you have not yet made the leap, then why not consider trying out a few, it truly is a cool way to keep your finger on the skeptical pulse. Hopefully the results from the poll below will help you to pick out the truly cool stuff.

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