Richard Dawkins – Revelation TV Interview

First a bit of context, who the heck are “Revelation TV”? Well, they are a UK Christian television channel that broadcasts on SKY and also via FreeSat (since I don’t subscribe to TV stations run by Bond Villains, I’ve never heard of them). Anyway, I guess you could consider them mainstream evangelical (whatever that means), but if its any help, then lets just say that that have had a bit of bother in the past from the broadcasting regulator Ofcom with regards to their views about homosexuality. After complaints from gay rights campaigners and members of the public, Ofcom  warned them that they must in future be fair and express all points of view when approaching this subject, or they face mandatory sanctions. So perhaps that in itself tells you all you really need to know about their ethics.

OK, so the news here is that they Persuaded Richard Dawkins to be interviewed for an hour, and here now is that interview …

They did not do a Bill O’Reilly and rant, but its still everything you expect from the God squad, evolution of the eye, etc.. and all of it is handled politely and factually by Dawkins, so its fun to watch.

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