QED Tickets are selling out fast – #QEDcon

QED, a grassroots driven skeptics conference, is scheduled to take place on 14-16 Oct in Manchester, and tickets are selling out fast. They just sent me this email … QED 2016 tickets selling quickly—get yours before they’re gone! Tickets to QED 2016 are still on sale, and already we’re set to be the biggest QED … Read more

QED is coming up soon … it is 13-14 April in Manchester

They have a great line-up of speakers at QED this year … Helen Czerski Helen is a physicist and oceanographer. She regularly gives talks around the country as well as working on several projects for television and radio, most recently appearing on Dara Ó Briain’s Science Club. She has also appeared in several documentaries for the … Read more

#QEDcon – favorite tweets

Below are some of my favorite #QEDcon tweets. I collected them at random points during the past two days, then distilled down to what you see here. What you find below are those that I thought were cool, or simply made me laugh. I’ve not scanned all tweets, so please, if I missed anything cool, or funny, please do drop it into the comments below and I’ll add an update to the list.

So here they are … enjoy …

These were collected during Day 1

acallister acallister – Excessive rain + room full of nerds = wet dog smell. Mmm… my hangover will love this. #qedcon

lordmauve Daniel Pope – Dear acetaldehyde, Kindly vacate my bloodstream. Love and kisses, Dan #qedcon

Lee_Symes Lee Symes – Sitting beside a Dalek hopping it is #qedcon remember “don’t retreat – reload”!

MaryRPerkins Mary Perkins – Someone’s brought their pet #Dalek to #QEDcon, excellent! It’s not one made by @doctorstewie. Is it a skeptical Dalek?

xorandorx xorandorx by christheneck Arse! The joy of left hand love. #qedcon

DonnaMPage Donna Page @profbrucehood now playing with grenades. #qedcon

psweetman Pauline Sweetman – Anthropomorphism, essentialism, dead hand of Plato – this is educational stuff. Ooh, now onto Barbarella #QEDcon

shiroboshi Marc – Just watched a video of Bruce Hood blowing up a Teddy Bear

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350 people overdosing on homeopathy for 1023 2011

I’m sitting in the room here live-blogging the days activities … so I cut and pasted this posting from “The Pod delusion” here … (And yes I’ve just consumed a 31C phial of belladonna and I’ve still breathing) We’re here at QEDCon in Manchester, where 350 people have just ‘overdosed’ on homeopathy to prove that … Read more

Countdown to QED

QED (Question Explore Discover) is a two-day science and skepticism conference taking place in the Piccadilly Hotel, Manchester, UK on the 5th-6th February 2011 … thats just over 4 days away. If interested … its £99 for the weekend, but they also have 1 day passes. Speakers include Steven Novella  – Beloved by skeptics across … Read more