Petition for you to Sign: “Rescind endorsement of sex segregation at UK Universities”

Maryam Namazie has a petition for you to sign. Do you remember all the fuss about an extreme islamic group organizing a meeting at a UK university and insisting on gender segregation – men sit in the front, woman have to sit at the back and be silent – well, since that broke the University’s … Read more

Petition Alert: Please sign this petition in solidarity with the victims of the State Religion of Pakistan

Mr Ghulam Mustafa Lakho is a very brave man. He is a non-believer who lives in Karachi, Pakistan and is also Advocate of the Supreme Court of Pakistan. He has a petition that he would like you to sign … The Secretary-General, United Nations: Recognize “The International Day Against State Religion” The petition reads … … Read more

Sign the Stop Rupert-Murdoch petition

In 48 hours, nearly half the British mass media could be bought by one of the world’s worst media moguls. Rupert Murdoch has exploited his vast media empire to push war in Iraq, elect George W Bush, spread resentment of muslims and immigrants, and block global action on climate change. He undermines democratic government across … Read more