39 held for violating Ramadan ordinance in Pakistan

Once again Islam is breaching very basic human rights by imposing itself by force upon people … it is in Pakistan, a country where the very concept of any human rights simply fails to exist. Remember, these are the same folks who feel that murder is fine as long as the murderer can chant the right belief and claim that the victim was guilty of being un-Islamic.

Here is today’s news (found here)  …

The owners of 39 hotels, canteens and eateries in Pakistan’s Punjab province were arrested and sent to jail for violating an ordinance that bars eating and serving food in public during the Islamic holy month of Ramadan, officials said on Sunday.

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Shahbaz Bhatti assassinated

The sad report in the International Herald Tribune reads as follows … Federal Minister for Minority affairs Shahbaz Bhatti was killed in the I-8/3 area of Islamabad on Wednesday morning by three unidentified gunmen. According to reports, the Tehrik-i-Taliban claimed responsibility for the attack on the minister. Screen captures of the pamphlet can be viewed here. … Read more

Reflections on Political Violence – Christopher Hitchens

The latest article in Slate last Monday by Christopher Hitchens is (as indicated by the title) a reflection on political violence. Oh so very appropriate and apt given recent events in the US, but more specifically in Pakistan where we have seen the pointless slaughter of an honourable man and a great human being, Salman … Read more

Influential governor in Pakistan who spoke against insane blasphemy law – assassinated

The BBC reports … (click here) … The influential governor of Pakistan’s Punjab province, Salman Taseer, has died after being shot by one of his bodyguards in the capital, Islamabad. Mr Taseer, a senior member of the Pakistan People’s Party, was shot when getting into his car at a market. Interior Minister Rehman Malik said … Read more