Oh CPAC, you banned American Atheists

American Atheists had been invited to have an information booth at the conservative gathering next month called The Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) … then 24 hours later they got a phone call and were told in no uncertain terms “You are banned”. Yikes. It makes sense for American Atheists to be there and to have a … Read more

Chap claims that he left US due to hatred of Muslims

Kashif Chaudhry, a graduate of King Edward Medical University in Lahore and Mt Sinai University Hospital in New York, has written an article entitled “I left the US because of their hatred towards Muslims… this is my story“, in The Express Tribune, a major daily English-language newspaper in Pakistan. A well-educated chap taking about US … Read more

The exit of Christianity from the Public Square is NOT “Oppression”

While in transit through Heathrow I happened to pick up a copy of the New Statesman that had caught my eye. Because it had “God” plastered all over the front cover, I was curious to see what this was all about, so grabbed it. It was in fact Cristina Odone, a lady who has at times … Read more

Bangladeshi government is cracking down on bloggers critical of its pro-Islamist stance

The news from Bangladesh is rather grim, the government has been letting Islamic lunatics dictate policy, here are some details from the Huff Po … Asif Mohiuddin, 30, is one of those bloggers. Mohiuddin has only recently recovered from injuries he incurred during an attack on him by a militant Islamist group in January. Detectives … Read more