#QEDcon – Day2 – Live Blog

OK folks, its day 2 and we are getting ready to roll. As with yesterdays posting, if you want updates as they happen, you need to hit your browsers refresh button (I’m not the BBC)

09:50 The crowd is starting to gather …

09:59 George Hrab encouraging those outside to step in, advising we are on the clock for 10:23, and as the old Klingon saying goes, “Today is a good day to homoeopathically overdose”

10:03 And we are off … goal is to overdose at 10:23 … Mike (10:23 Homeopathy Campaign) Marshall takes the stage and is telling us what has been happening in the last 24 hours, here are some highlights of folks doing a public overdose in 70 cities across 30 countries involved in the campaign

  • Hungary had 66 people yesterday
  • Amsterdam 30 people
  • Brussels out side the EU parliament yesterday
  • Poland 26 Poland
  • Tel-Aviv 50 people
  • Canada 125 people
  • Australia 100
  • Austria 37
  • Romania 45 people
  • Oslo 26
  • Spain 115
  • USA (backed by the JREF and so $1 Million is part of challenge) 15+ groups
  • Germany 180 people across 6 cities
  • Brazil 26 (Already serious talk in council of medicine to remove Homeopathy from their list in response)
  • Philippines 2
  • Hawaii 1 (on the beach)
  • Portugal
  • Antarctica 1 (Dr Paul Willis)

There are now 320+ in the room ready to do an overdose to illustrate that Homeopathy is a complete con and that there are zero active ingredients in it. Mike is now telling us about some of the truly funny hate mail he has received. (its 10:16 .. we are simply killing time as we countdown towards 10:23)

What we have each is a 31C mix of belladonna ready to overdose on.

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