Blasphemy In Ireland

Padraig Reidy wrote an article is Friday’s UK Guardian about Ireland’s poisonous blasphemy debate. Being Irish born and bred myself, I’m chipping in with a few additional comments of my own.

The context of the article is the latest challenge to the utterly insane blasphemy laws that still currently stand in Ireland. As an aside, what the heck does blasphemy actually mean, especially in the context of every religious belief being blasphemy to every other shade of religious belief, it truly is stupidity incarnate. If pursued to its logical end then they would need to lock everybody up … no exceptions, because every possible position of belief or non-belief will be blasphemy to somebody else.

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Jordan to try Danish artist over Mohammed cartoon

The news is that a Jordanian court will begin this month the trial of Danish cartoonist Kurt Westergaard over a controversial caricature of the Muslim Prophet Mohammed. The press reports …

Zakarya Sheikh, spokesman for a group of local media outlets that sued Westergaard in 2008 for depicting Mohammed with a bomb in his turban, said on Thursday the artist and others have been summoned by a magistrates’ court in Amman to stand trial on April 25.”

A copy of the subpoena obtained by AFP says Westergaard “is accused of the crime of blasphemy.”

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Islamophobia is Blasphemy

The word “Islamophobia” was created to silence any who dare to critique the insane Islamic belief system in any way. Its target is not just non-Muslims, who quite rightly raise objections to actions motivated by belief-driven delusions, but is also aimed at silencing Muslims who dare to raise questions about their supposed holy text, the … Read more

Pakistani student accused of blasphemy

This news is just out … (cut and pasted from here) A Pakistani student was arrested on a blasphemy charge for allegedly writing derogatory remarks against Prophet Mohammed in his test papers, police said. Police in the port city of Karachi said the student was taken into custody following a complaint from the head of … Read more