“A Look at Two Common Atheist Arguments” by a Christian … my rebuttal

Over at the Christian Post there is a blog posting that went up yesterday by a chap called Robin Schumacher entitled “A Look at Two Common Atheist Arguments”. Will this be a cut above the usual? Perhaps yes, he is billed as, “A Theologian and apologist” and “has a Ph.D. in New Testament and Master’s in Christian … Read more

Religious beliefs – how they trick believers into spreading the belief

I’ve been having a dialogue with several Muslims who are busy conducting what some Muslims might refer to as an internet Jihad. In this context that basically means that they have established Facebook groups designed to reach out and convert non-Muslims, and have invited in all and sundry. Why do they do this, what motivates … Read more

Claim: “Fundamentalist Atheists are … angry, anti-intellectual, unloving, judgmental, etc…”

Bob Kellemen of RPM Ministries has blogged an article over at everyday christian living that is a good encapsulation of the numerous myths surrounding non-belief, so lets take a look. [Note to Bob … I dropped a link to this into your blog, so do feel free to reply in the comments section below] He … Read more