350 people overdosing on homeopathy for 1023 2011

I’m sitting in the room here live-blogging the days activities … so I cut and pasted this posting from “The Pod delusion” here … (And yes I’ve just consumed a 31C phial of belladonna and I’ve still breathing) We’re here at QEDCon in Manchester, where 350 people have just ‘overdosed’ on homeopathy to prove that … Read more

10:23 Challenge | Feb. 5, 2011

The 10:23 Challenge is a follow-up to the ‘overdose’ protest staged by the 10:23 Campaign in 2010. International protesters from more than 10 countries, and more than 23 cities will gather for over the weekend of February 5-6 2011, to make the simple statement: Homeopathy – There’s Nothing In It. The challenge will culminate on … Read more