Climate Updates: Three New Insights

There are a couple of items to cover within this posting, but first, I just can’t resist briefly commenting upon one utterly weird development that has happened in the last few months. We now have an electric car CEO literally mocking the half of the population that actually understands that climate change is real. So … Read more

When is it OK to Refuse Service?

Not too long ago a restaurant located in Richmond, Virginia cancelled a booking. It was Metzger Bar and Butchery (pictured above). What happened? The Family Foundation, a non-profit religious group had made a booking for a group of their donors as a way to thank them. However, before the event could commence, the restaurant reached … Read more

Pew Poll: SCOTUS & Religion

Pew have published a new poll that covers how people now view SCOTUS (Supreme Court of The United States). Before we get into the details of that poll, first let’s do a quick review regarding some recent religiously motivated decisions so that we can view the poll results with some clear facts in mind … … Read more

Is all hope of handling Climate Change gone?

Pakistan has seen catastrophic flooding and all over the globe previous records are being obliterated. While climate scientists are freaking out, everybody else appears to be ignoring them and so all appears to be business as usual as we sail into the literal sunset of our very existence. Even the World Wildlife Fund is freaking … Read more

3-year-old girl killed in “exorcism”

Last September 3-year-old Arely Naomi Proctor died. She should still be alive today. Unfortunately, those around her, those responsible for her care, were convinced that she was possessed by an evil spirit. The reason for writing about this now is that there has been an update. Police have arrested two more relatives. One is Rene … Read more