Pope is being truly wicked yet again – Attacks non-believers

The cretinous fool, pope Benny, sincerely believes himself to be a good man … remember this is the same chap who Personally orchestrated the cover-up of catholic abuse by sending a letter to all catholic Bishops directing them to cover it all up and silence the victims – failure to obey would result in excommunication … Read more

Why I no longer believe religion is a virus of the mind

Don’t panic, I’ve not suddenly gone religious … no instead, new data is now available to suggest something else. Sue Blackmore, a leading expert in Memes, has written a very interesting article in todays Guardian (why is it always the Guardian with the really interesting stuff). So she starts off with an explanation of what … Read more

Please let this be satire or parody …

I have come across this jaw dropping news … a Catholic conference for a bunch of supposedly highly educated folks to babble on about the “evidence” that the earth is the center of the Universe. (Click here to see the details) Galileo Was Wrong is a detailed and comprehensive treatment of the scientific evidence supporting … Read more