Donald Trump

Why is the reemergence Andrew Wakefield dangerous? – #vaccines

For some, just the name “Andrew Wakefield” is guaranteed to provoke a reaction, and so his attendance at one of the Trump inaugural balls did just that. He is often billed as a vaccine skeptic, but I would seriously argue that this is an abuse of the term skeptic because there […]

Farewell Obama, you will be greatly missed

Even in his last few week, and days, Mr Obama has tirelessly striven to make a real difference. With my #Climate Change hat on … We have seen his Ban on drilling offshore in both the Arctic and Atlantic, via a 1953 law then prevents Trump from simply rolling that ban […]

Trump’s Plan to Eliminate NASA Climate Research Is Ill-Informed and Dangerous

Phil Plait, whom I do know and have personally met, has written an article within Slate that strike a deep cord within me. Normally I would perhaps extract an appropriate quote and suggest that the article merits your attention, and perhaps also offer some additional commentary. This time I am instead […]

Climate Change & Trump 1

A Trump presidency does not simply have consequences for the US, it actually has consequences for the entire planet. Yes, I’ve put my climate change hat back on today. We stand at a pivotal moment where we, as a species, are starting down the road of taking decisive action to […]

Claim: Trump has “Strong Moral character” according to many evangelicals

Politico reporter Dan Diamond has tweeted out the following, not because he agrees, but rather because it is quite frankly bizarre … Do you think Trump has strong moral character? · White evangelicals: 44%· Atheists: 18% — Dan Diamond (@ddiamond) October 16, 2016 I do truly grasp why some evangelicals […]

Why would a professor of ethics support Trump?

What Trump is all about is well known … His gross dishonesty in almost everything he says has been robustly established by the fact checkers again and again His xenophobia and racism The observation that he is a sexual predator – he said it and women have been coming forward to confirm […]