Climate Change

Climate Change: Was the Paris Summit the only chance we had?

Back in the first week of last year the Paris summit (also known as COP21  – the 21st yearly session of the Conference of the Parties (COP) to the 1992 United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change(UNFCCC)) was held. There an agreement that had been hammered out in the build up to that summit was finally agreed by an unprecedented number of nation states, 196 to be precise. It matters, it truly does because this was a commitment by each and every one of these […]


Climate Change: People really do change their minds

Once a view is adopted and embraced, is that it, or can humans break free? The answer is of course that people can and do break free from previous ideas and instead accept that they were once wrong. Generally however it does take time, and they also need to work it out for themselves. Chad Myers Back in 2010, Chad Myers the CNN weather guy was promoting Climate Change denial. Here he is live on air suggesting that Climate scientists are corrupted because […]


A Farewell to Ice

Peter Wadhams, perhaps one of the world authorities on sea ice, has a new book that might be of interest. It is quite rightly called “A Farewell to Ice“. Well OK, not quite published yet, because publication date is 1st Sep in the UK (alas US folks, it is not out there until next Feb, but hey you can still grab a copy from the UK Amazon). The text is not a dry academic facts and figures monologue, but is instead laced […]


Brian Cox vs senior Australian politician who rejects Climate Change

There are a few stories doing the rounds of the clash on live Australian TV between UK Physicist Brian Cox and the Climate change denying senior Australian politician, Malcolm Roberts, so let’s take a look and see what happened. The background here is that Mr Roberts had earlier issued a challenge for anybody to show him evidence that the human production of carbon dioxide is causing the earth’s climate to warm. Brain Cox took him up on that, and so here is how […]


July 2016 was the Hottest July ever in human history 2

Well, its official, the numbers are now in for last July and as expected it was hot on a global scale. To be precise, it was the hottest July ever recorded in human history and broke all previous records. What is quite frankly astonishing is that every single month this year has been a record breaking month … the hottest January ever … the hottest February ever .. and on and on. Climate scientists has the numbers and a chart […]


James Hansen, father of climate science, has a truly scary paper telling you what comes next.

James Hansen, helped raise the first real public awareness of climate change way back in 1988 when he testified before congress. It is right that he should be the name associated with the topic because he has pioneered modern climate science. He is now doing it again. His latest research pointed to a conclusion that was so startling that he did not wait for formal review, but instead last summer (2015) he called a press conference and passed out drafts […]