Trump is really not the problem

Jump in taxi in London, or for that matter any major city, and you will potentially listen to a monolog from your driver that will make you cringe as a torrent of quite frankly weird ideas pour forth. Having paid a fare most of us move on with a parting thought that the […]

Why do Trump Cult members ignore facts? – #resist

What is rather astonishing is the observation that Trump can more or less do anything without in any way disrupting the support he enjoys amongst his devoted followers. Let’s play a small thought experiment. Let’s suppose that he was caught boasting on tape about committing sexual assault upon women … oh […]

Top 5 Weirdest Cognitive Biases

I was writing yesterday about Buster’s Cheat sheet of Cognitive Biases that he composed from the list found on the Wikipedia page entitled “List of cognitive biases“. Browse that list and you will find some familiar friends such as “Confirmation Bias” or “Backfire effect“. However, you will also find some truly […]

Cognitive Bias – Buster’s cheat sheet 1

I’ve seen a chart being shared on social media that I do openly confess I like, so I’m highlighting it here. I did also wonder where it had originally come from, and so after some extensive investigation (I looked at the notes on the bottom of it) I found that the alpha source […]

How can we effectively reach out to Trump Supporters?

You might think that perhaps a religious decree from the religious top would do the trick and would be an effective means for the reality-distortion barrier that prevails to be effectively breached. Apparently not, and we have a real example of that. In 2015 Pope Francis issued a 184 page […]

Out of Body Experiences – Is this proof of the supernatural? – #QEDcon 1

During this last weekend I listened to psychologist Susan Blackmore recount to a packed audience at QEDcon her Out-Of-Body experience that occurred when she was a young student at Oxford back in the 1970s. At that time she ran the Oxford University Society for Psychical Research (OUSPR). Was this experience proof that […]