Weird Religious News – The redundancy of Satire


Once upon a time being a satirist was a cushy job. There were plenty of easy targets. Sadly such days are gone. With the marriage of right-wing politics and religious fundamentalism, we now live in a truly weird age where it is more or less impossible to work out what is satire and what is … Read more

Weird Religious News

When you scan the output from the religious-right, then perhaps the word “Weird” is a bit of an understatement. You have to wonder if they seriously believe the claims that they promote, or if they are simply grifters playing a religious card. It is most probable that we have a full spectrum that runs from … Read more

Weekly Weird Religious News

In some respects some aspects of Christianity looks fine on paper – do good, be loving, etc… While Christianity has no monopoly on such ideas, it never did, and none of the various supernatural claims have any evidence to back them up, the far more disturbing observation is the actual behaviour of those that claim … Read more

Weekly Weird Religious News

Previously the selection of my personal top three items of religious weirdness have perhaps been dominated by US religious weirdness each week. So what happens if I apply a US filter this week, will I be left bereft and find nothing to choose because the US has a monopoly on religious weirdness? In a word … Read more

Are some people born religious?

There has been some previous research that suggested that people who hold strong religious beliefs are more intuitive and less analytical, and when they think more analytically their religious beliefs decrease. This opens up an interesting question – are they born that way, or do they simply inherit this modality? It is a rather fundamental Nurture … Read more

Weekly Weird Religious News

The vast majority of humans, with or without a specific religious belief, are in general normal decent people. The religious ones enjoy the festivals, and also go through the religious rituals because they are in the club, but tend not to take it too seriously. There is however a smaller subset who take culturally inherited … Read more

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