Weird Religious News

When you scan the output from the religious-right, then perhaps the word “Weird” is a bit of an understatement. You have to wonder if they seriously believe the claims that they promote, or if they are simply grifters playing a religious card.

It is most probable that we have a full spectrum that runs from outright fraudsters such as Jim Bakker, all the way through to Falwell who appears to be sincere but is sincerely wrong about almost everything.

What Happened during the 1st few days of this year?

The Cult of Trump continues to thrive …

(If the pussy grabbing or the mockery of a disabled man didn’t cause any pause amongst these folks, then why should anything else such as facts or reality)

Opposition to the Trump Messiah is still apparently evil incarnate …

  • Bill Mitchell: ‘The Democrats Are the Party of Evil’… “They are murderers. They are evil. They are racist. They want to open our borders to illegal aliens. They want to raise our taxes. I’ll tell you what, they are a scary, frightening party and as the righteous people of God, we must stand against them.

(Bill appears to have set his paranoia dial all the way up to eleven)

God is apparently a Republican who will gerrymander the election in 2020 …

  • Hank Kunneman Prophesies That God Will Use 2019 to Divide the Democrats…“Who do you think you are?” Kunneman continued, speaking on behalf of God. “For as I drowned Pharaoh and his army, I will drown the lying spirits that seek to divide. Out of your mouth, oh donkey party, you shall speak and you will overplay your hand. And because you will overplay your hand, there shall come a split in your own party, for the division that you shall seek to bring shall divide your own party and it shall greatly effect the 2020 election.

(Personally I’m rather blown away by the observation that this guy thinks that he is channeling a God. You would think that being consistently wrong with past prophesies might cause some to doubt, but apparently not).

Religious Hypocrisy is as popular as ever …

  • Anti-Gay Baptist Preacher Resigns from Church After “Being with Prostitutes”…

… while Sex is of course popular, sexual abuse is very much a Catholic monopoly …

  • Ex-Cardinal Theodore E. McCarrick Accused of Groping Child During Confession…

… then again this is perhaps because others are simply better at covering it all up …

  • This is How the Jehovah’s Witnesses Covered Up Abuse by an Elder

A few Thoughts – What will come in the year ahead?

You and I don’t need to claim supernatural powers to work this out. Past experience is very much a predictor for future behaviour, hence we can of course anticipate more of the same each and every week.

The exposure of both Abuse and Hypocrisy will continue.

Self-appointed prophets will continue to promote predictions, and they will continue to drum up and maintain a following despite being persistently wrong.

Religious Grifters will continue to manipulate the gullible and glean a very lucrative tax free income.

Support for the incompetent, immoral, and grossly dishonest individual will persist amongst the hard core. I don’t even need to name him, that description immediately tells you who I’m referring to. His base will not let either facts or reality bother them one jot. This in turn will also lead to the inevitable rise of the Christian Left who gaze upon all this and find enough integrity to say “No”, and also the inevitable further increase in the Nones.

What is certain is that 2019 will be a far better year.

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