Weird Religious News – The redundancy of Satire

Once upon a time being a satirist was a cushy job. There were plenty of easy targets. Sadly such days are gone. With the marriage of right-wing politics and religious fundamentalism, we now live in a truly weird age where it is more or less impossible to work out what is satire and what is simply the latest idiotic babbling from this demographic.

Not so sure about that?

Simply check out some of the stuff that has been popping up in the news cycle during the last 7 days.

What happened during the last 7 days?

The anointed one

Chris McDonald declares that America has never had a president as “anointed by God” as Trump

(Yep, anointed as idiot-in chief)

The Voice of God

Intercessors for America’s Wanda Alger prophesies that “the Lord will expose lying prophets in the media.”

(“Intercessors for America” who claim to be the voice of a God are exposed as the liars)

Signs of Judgement

Rick Joyner: The Prominence of Ocasio-Cortez Is a Sign of God’s Judgment on America

(Indeed yes, it is a sign that right-wing religious fundamentalism is on the way out and in decline, its the voters who will be doing the judging, not a God)

Moving to North Korea

Rick Wiles prophesies that one day, his TruNews network will have a studio in North Korea from which he can broadcast his program.

(We are willing to buy the ticket to enable this loon to move there right now)

Hillary Bashing is still a thing

Dave Daubenmire asks God to “blow [Hillary Clinton] away like chaff”: “The sooner Hillary Clinton gets out of my life, the better my life is going to be … Will you get that wicked woman out of our lives?”

(God checks, yep Hillary is a devout Methodist, so in a booming voice he tells the obnoxious Mr Daubenmire to F**k Off)

Using fear to whip the faithful into line is still a thing …

Some blame their imaginary enemy

Saving California and America from ‘Occult Empowered Activists,’ Socialism and the Devil…”The sickness coming over America is driven by the devil moving thru occult empowered activists and donors influencing politicians and law makers. “

(It’s actually being driven by people who were stupid enough to vote an incompetent dishonest and very corrupt idiot into office – no supernatural explanation needed).

Boycott Girl Scout cookies

Jane Chastain is calling for conservatives to boycott Girl Scout cookies because Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez used to be a Girl Scout.

(Great idea, it means the rest of us get to have more cookies)


Liz Crokin says that Oprah Winfrey is “a full-blown demon from hell.”..

(I’m guessing she is not an Oprah fan then)

Peace in the Middle East

White House Talks Mid-East Peace with Religious Right Leaders Who Reject Land-for-Peace

(Tossing guidance from yet more religious fanatics to resolve an issue that is caused by religious fanatics is not a great recipe for success)

Weirdest Items of the week

  • Donald Trump Signed Bibles for Alabama Tornado Victims Because Of Course He Did

This has just got to be on par with his visit to Puerto Rico that involved tossing rolls of paper towels at victims.

Perhaps he could have signed Two Corinthians, or even stayed on message and signed the Apocalypse, but no, he went for just the cover.

Number of conservative Christians upset by this – none, and why not, it’s just a book. But imagine the reaction if Obama, who does actually sincerely believe, had done something like this.

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