Weird Religious News – Migrants and the Midterms

weird religious news highlights that migrants really don't matter after the election

This week’s selection of weird religious news was of course sourced from election week. I’ve split it into both pre and then post election items. Why? Well basically because the things that were frantically important prior to the election, such as migrants, suddenly ceased in importance once the election was done. Funny that. Side Note: … Read more

Weird Religious News

If you had the goal of simply making up some absurd claims for a collection of weekly weird religious news stories, then you would truly struggle. The actual reality of the behaviour and claims being uttered by the religious right-wing on a daily basis would offer some very stiff competition. Don’t take my word on … Read more

Weekly Weird News –

As I gaze across the religious right-wing landscape, I can’t help be wonder if there is sufficient material out there to make an entire career for multiple psychologists attempting to grapple with the outlandishly eccentric and quite delusional individuals that devote their lives to the promotion of the absurd and the bizarre. The majority of humans … Read more

Weird Religious News – Truth Isn’t Truth

In the whacky world of weird religious news I think I’m loosing track of which chapter of 1984 we are currently on, does anybody know? When it comes to doublethink then clearly the religious right have that well and truly nailed. Unfortunately they appear to be treating Orwell’s book as an instruction manual and not … Read more

Weird Religious News – Justice Kennedy

The prevailing belief amongst Evangelicals has been the idea that they can happily ignore some rather blatantly in-you-face character failings and jump into bed with a Wolf because he will grant them the one thing their hearts truly desire – a seat or two on the Supreme Court. This week many are dancing with glee … Read more

Weird Religious News – The Handmaids tale, a GOP policy handbook

More and more my weekly positing of weird religious news is focusing upon US politics. It has perhaps been a running joke to suggest that the current administration view the Handmaids Tale as a policy guidebook. The joke works to some degree because of the mounting evidence that religious weirdness rests at the heart of … Read more

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