Claim: “Six Scientists go on trial next week for failure to predict earthquake” – not quite correct.

Some utter insanity has apparently broken out in Italy. The BBC Newsnight page reports that seven scientists are, in a Galileo-style inquisition, to stand trial next week for failing to accurately predict the precise timing of an earthquake. Wow … scientists accused of failing to predict an earthquake? Actually no, that is not what is … Read more

An Interview with Julian Assang’s lawyer

Jack of Kent, the famous legal blogger, had a brief (informal) telephone interview with his friend and fellow libel reform campaigner Mark Stephens as he was in a cab going to Wandsworth Prison to see his client Julian Assange,  then blogged about it all. It makes fasinating reading … here are some extracts … Mark … Read more

Anti Islamic statements …freedom of speech or a hate crime?

The Dutch Anti-Islamic politician,  Geert Wilders, is currently on trial, which should prove to be rather interesting, because he is also playing a decisive role in the formation of a new Dutch government. “The freedom of speech of at least 1.5 million people is on trial with me,” Wilders said on a social media site, … Read more

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